Novato Dining Room Remodel

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Novato Dining Room Remodel

For this condominium dining room remodel in Novato we completely reconfigured the design with the intended goal of opening up the space to make one continuous staircase, living room and dining room area.

The installation of glass hand railing to the staircase and a tubular skylight system allows for more natural light to enter the living space. The sola tube daylighting design is an innovative system that brings natural light through a series of tubes and mirrors and allows you to have more natural light in parts of your home where standard skylights would not be practical.
We designed custom cabinetry to the client’s specifications and storage needs which included a pull out panel for a large flatscreen and enclosures for an entertainment system. This wall unit features a sleek design that brings together glass and closed cabinets, shelving, and pull out drawers that make for clever use of a condos limited space.

This well lit dining and living area features custom pendant lighting fixture, track and led lights installed in strategic locations around the room. On the far end of the dining room we installed a custom fireplace surround for warm nights spent relaxing in this beautiful living room.

Storage unit flat screen panel Storage unit with panel for flat screen at the far end.

Modern Pendant Lighting Design Modern Pendant Lighting Design.

Glass partitions for staircase railing Glass partitions built into the railing design to allow for open view of the area and necessary protection for children and infants.

Custom storage unit design Custom storage unit design made to complement the shape of the staircase and provides a natural space for organization.

Living Room with Fireplace.The fireplace acts as a functional centerpiece to the dining and living space.

Wooden railing with glass partition Wide wooden railing with glass partition.

Cabinets with lighting system An extensive lighting system made up of track lighting, led lights and a pendant lantern light up this storage area.




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