The stunning remodel of our master suite and rear porch was so pleasing that we brought the Building Solutions team back to construct a large kitchen addition and dining room. When guests arrive at our front entrance, they are truly impressed by the design and workmanship.


I am loving my new condo and all the wonderful work Building Solutions has done inside. I love it! The work the team has done has been great. I great appreciate their attention to detail and responsiveness to me. They have gone above and beyond to help me and have been kind and patient with my requests. Thank you for all you have done to make this new beginning for me and my sons so special.

M.G.Mill Valley

The thing that was so remarkable about working with Building Solutions was they say what you’re going to do and they do it. I’ve used a lot of contractors and have never had any meet the kind of deadlines Building Solutions met. They set a deadline and they meet it – it’s phenomenal.

D.A.San Mateo

The most remarkable thing is that Building Solutions lays out exactly what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen and the price, then it really does happen! And it really happens when people said it was going to happen. …there were no hidden costs, no extra stuff.

D.K.San Francisco

Thank you for being dedicated to keeping the project on track…being very helpful and persistent in the follow-up under sometimes trying circumstances. Thank you for producing such a handsome space for me.


We love our home and Building Solutions was key in creating it. There was essentially no down-time during the ten months, because they kept it moving as well as ensuring that the work was beautiful.

F.F.San Rafael

Thanks for all your work and support, you really are a great team. And thanks for all the “extras” you took care of too, helping to make the deadline happen.


When planning a major remodel or construction project, often a person can feel like they are wading into the great unknown, where every day is going to bring a new cost and problem and there is no way to anticipate how the project will go. What I loved about John and the entire staff at Building Solutions was the dedication to clear communication and meticulous planning. Their process is designed to ensure that everything that can be planned for, will. Their pricing/estimating process is as detailed as it can possibly be. The project manager assigned to your job will always be available and communicate exactly what to expect and when. BSI is a very busy firm, and they handle jobs large and small, but their staffing system is top-notch and allows for every client to feel like they are the top priority. I can’t say enough about how comfortable it made me feel to know that the only surprises were going to be revealed by my house – not my contractor! Luckily, our house cooperated.

BSI works with many subcontractors regularly – but their process does include a competitive bidding component. Their long term knowledge of area subs means that they have a very good idea of who is going to provide the best value and the highest standard of work, and our finished product shows it. Still, they were willing to work with one sub that proved to be difficult to manage (after I obtained the bid on my own) – and they made sure the job was done to their specifications. It was a TREMENDOUS relief to have them as my advocate. Professional all the way.