Property Owner Consulting


Leave Nothing to Conjecture with Building Solutions Consulting

The design of a home or remodel is exciting. But make sure you invest in a design that can actually be built within your budget. That’s where Building Solutions Consulting comes in.

Whether you need to determine the best improvement strategy for your home, manage subcontractors, mediate a conflict or explore specific development scenarios, BSC brings over 30 years of experience on all sides of the design and build field to work for you. You can count on us for support at every step of the process, with advocacy and transparency as guiding principles.

Construction Services Offered 

Pre During After
x property development and purchase consultation
x property analysis and sales consultation
x x cost consulting
x x x forensic investigation
x pre-construction management
x phased entitlement strategy
 x construction management
 x quality control
x  x mediation

Cost Consulting

Our firm has developed sophisticated financial modeling tools and pricing systems over the past two decades that allow us to provide highly tailored, accurate cost consulting support. Drawing from a detailed “ala carte menu” of every aspect of your project, our budget-informed design system provides real-time, instantaneous budget feedback on design decisions.

Forensic Investigation

BSC provides Forensic services for property owners, including:
• structural/infrastructural investigation
• trade-specific analysis
• construction defect remediation
• site discovery and prescriptive reporting
• accounting review

Construction Management/Advocacy

Property owners retain BSC to not only manage, but also to serve as a pro-active advocate in support of all facets of construction:
• project sequencing
• technical expertise (e.g., waterproofing)
• workmanship quality control
• online document management
• communication protocols
• milestone-based site reviews
• funding review and approvals
• final sign-off review process


If you have a conflict with any project participants, BSC can save you time and money by facilitating a carefully managed Mediation process. With deep knowledge of industry standards, construction best practices, code-compliance and contractual models, the BSC team offers an informed, honest and objective approach to our Mediation practice.


Should you elect to work with separate architectural and construction firms, BSC can bring the benefits of the design-build model to your project. BSC applies “budget informed design” planning and management of Pre-Construction items such as:
• document creation – plans, specifications, reports
• engineering – structural, soils, energy use, civil
• entitlement – managing permitting process
• overall costing and control

Phased Entitlement Strategy

Optimizing your project start date requires careful management of the entitlement process. BSC can facilitate a Phased Entitlement Strategy, which entails securing sequential permits for specific elements of a project, and in some cases can lead to a broader entitlement of a more desirable project scope.

Property Development/Purchase Consulting

Are you in the market for a new property? BSC offers overall Property Analysis, development, and acquisition consulting for real estate investments. Is the “fixer upper” worth fixing up? Does adding a second story make sense financially as well as for your lifestyle – or should you pass? BSC will help you make the right strategic decisions regarding:
• potential project evaluation – “Is this a sensible investment for me?”
• design options – “What can I do to add value to this property?”
• big picture planning – “How will this property serve me in the long run?”
• interpretation and prioritization of inspection reports – “How do I know what’s important and what’s not?”

Property Analysis/Sales Consulting

If you are contemplating a sale, considering improvements, and the cost and timeframe for such improvements, you can count on BSC to determine your optimal ROI strategy.

Scaled back remodel? Leave as is? Sell now, in five years, or just hold onto the property as income property? BSC’s advanced Property Analysis system will help you answer any questions you may have in charting out the best strategy to build value in your property one year, five years or ten years out.

Quality Control

Quality control begins at the outset of a project, with BSC’s “Constructability Review” that thoroughly assesses the project scope and budget before the project begins. Once construction starts, costly change orders will be avoided if the design plans have accurate and complete information, and specific milestones are established to protect the investment and assure best craftsmanship practices across the board.