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  • 7 Home Remodeling Ideas and Inspirations for 2014

    “We’re ready to explore remodeling scenarios for our Home and wonder if you have some guidance for us to use in mapping out possibilities.” Your exploration needs to lead to a strategy that makes the most of your investment, to optimize both the lifestyle and financial benefits of the remodel. Here are 7 home remodeling […]

  • What Payment Schedule Should I Use For My Home Remodel?

    There are two ways to set up payment schedules for a typical construction project: Milestone-based billing and Completion-based billing (pay as you go model). The “Milestone” Model This is where payments are made when certain project milestones are reached as defined by the contract created by the General Contractor.  A payment schedule for a typical residential room […]

  • 5 Pricing Strategies to Reduce Construction Costs on Any Contract

    At our most recent Ross Living Event in San Rafael, question about construction costs was asked: “It seems like there’s a few ways that General Contractors charge for their services: fixed price, T&M, etc. Can you clarify what these terms mean?“ Design-Builder John Fraine of Building Solutions replies: Wonderful question! There are 5 pricing strategies […]

  • How to Maximize Investment on a Residential Remodel By Using Incentives

    Incentivizes, Part 3; How to Incentivize Architects and General Contractors to Maximize Investment in a Residential Remodel The previous two articles were about how Architects and General Contractors are incentivized and how to control construction costs in the Design and Estimating Phases of a typical “Design-Build” residential remodel . This last article in the series […]

  • 5 Tips to Budget and Control Costs for Your Home Remodel Project

    “How do I budget and control costs for a significant remodel project I’m contemplating? I’d like to do a Master Suite Addition, a new Kitchen/Dining area, and re-configuration of the bedrooms.” There are FIVE major things you can do to keep costs under control for your remodel: 1. Identify all scope items before you begin, […]

  • Tips on Installing a New Forced Air System (HVAC) in my Home

    “I have a 30 year old furnace in my home, and it’s never quite comfortable everywhere in the house in the winter. How will getting a new forced air system installed help me?” Our civilization never really got the whole forced-air heating thing figured out for homes until fairly recently. Previously, systems were loud, uncomfortable […]

  • Best Practices for Home Restoration, Home Maintenance and Home Improvement

    “I have a log cabin home in Ross, built in 1857. I’m often choosing between home restoration, maintenance and improvement. What are some good guidelines for how to think about these projects?” I would start by putting any home restoration, maintenance or improvement project under consideration into one of two categories: Aesthetic Functional Business before […]

  • What does a Geotechnical Engineer Do?

    What does a Geotechnical Engineer do? Anything having to do with knowing things about or construction that happens below the surface of the ground requires a geotechnical report. That’s the “Geo” part. Engineering means Design. Let’s say that you are putting an addition on your home. In order to properly design the concrete foundation, the […]