Architect Consulting


Design to Build with BSI Consulting Support

Architects create the vision, contractors build it. Building Solutions Consulting helps architects close the gap between design and construction with sophisticated estimating systems developed over decades that account for every single component of a project.

We can help assure successful projects and happy clients by supporting architectural creativity with budget-informed design.

BSC offers a range of services to support architects in project development:
• cost consulting
• phased entitlement strategy
• pre-construction management
• construction management
• quality control

Cost Consulting

BSC has developed advanced value engineering tools and negotiated contract pricing systems over the past two decades that allow us to provide the experience and resources for highly tailored cost consulting support.

We help architects and their clients assess the various value considerations and budget impacts that design decisions and construction realities dictate for new construction or remodeling projects.

Phased Entitlement Strategy

Optimizing project start and finish dates may require strategic management of the entitlement process. BSC can provide constructability consultations for a Phased Entitlement Strategy, which entails securing sequential permits for specific elements of a project, and in some cases can lead to a broader entitlement with a more desirable project scope.

Pre-Construction Services

BSC can handle all the necessary Pre-Construction items for architects and their clients prior to establishing contractor relationships. Services include:
• design consultation (broad stroke budgeting based on design options)
• document creation (details, specifications, investigations, reports)
• engineering (structural, soils, energy use, civil, arboreal)
• costing (synchronized with design process)
• entitlement facilitation

Construction Services

For firms that need support for either specific or comprehensive construction services, BSC can serve as a project partner and advocate in support of:
• project sequencing
• technical expertise (e.g., waterproofing)
• workmanship quality control
• online document management
• communication protocols
• milestone-based site reviews
• funding review and approvals
• final sign-off review process

Quality Control

BSC supports architects in realizing their finished vision by assuring that all functional and aesthetic parts of the project – from waterproofing to interior details – are true to plan and add up to a successful whole.

We offer a complete “Constructability Review” at the outset of a project to thoroughly assess its scope. In addition to clarifying the budget and timeframe, this review determines the specific quality control tracks for the project. BSC can establish the criteria and conduct ongoing QC checks and reports to assure best craftsmanship practices across the board.