7 Home Remodeling Ideas and Inspirations for 2014

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“We’re ready to explore remodeling scenarios for our Home and wonder if you have some guidance for us to use in mapping out possibilities.”

Your exploration needs to lead to a strategy that makes the most of your investment, to optimize both the lifestyle and financial benefits of the remodel. Here are 7 home remodeling ideas that might provide some inspiration for your visioning process:

1. Create a Place to Gather

Ever feel like your living room isn’t getting the use it was intended for? Create a warm, inviting space for friends and family to hang out with an expanded living and family room.

2. Make Your Master Escape

Turn your old master bedroom into the luxury master suite you’ve always wanted. Bring the relaxation home with a spa-inspired master bath and find your daily escape in the comforts of your home.

3. Design Your Dream Kitchen

A kitchen is more than a set of cabinets and doors – it’s the heart of your home, a place to gather for friends and family. So we think it makes sense to dream big, to create a space that nurtures and supports what already happens anyway. Whether it’s floor to ceiling cabinets or the island you’ve always wanted, or an opened-up space between the kitchen and dining room, it’s about creating a place for friends and family to all be together around the heart of your home in comfort.

4. Build a Memorable Guest Retreat

Creating space for short or long-term guests in your home involves more than providing a comfortable place to sleep; it’s an opportunity to make people feel welcome and ensure that their time spent with you is memorable (and manageable). Put up your friends and family in total comfort with their very own living space. A win-win for all parties involved.

5. Build Your Dream Addition

Boost your home’s value and extend its square footage with an impactful home addition. Maximize your investment by selecting the perfect space design, materials, and details to enhance your home’s value and character.

6. Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

More and more families are moving their living rooms outside, so why not do it in style? Whether you have a porch, pool, or patio, take advantage of the warmer months by creating a luxurious outside kitchen and lounge. Simple additions like an outdoor kitchen or fireplace can really add to your outdoor living experience.

7. Transform Your Basement or Garage into a Custom Workspace

Take advantage of unused space a by converting your basement or garage into another bedroom for the kids, a man cave for the guys, a fully equipped home gym, that spacious office you’ve always dreamt of, or an organized art studio for all your creative endeavors – ceramics, painting, music and more!


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